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These Local Jewellery Labels Are The Hidden (And Affordable) Gems In Singapore

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What do you usually think of when local jewellery is mentioned? It would most likely be veteran names like Carrie K. and Choo Yilin. But as with the influx of more people embarking on growing their own brands, more young, up-and-coming local jewellery labels worth knowing are appearing on our radar. If you’re in the market for fashion jewellery – and not necessarily ultra-precious pieces (though these are beautiful and precious in their own right) – these five brands are bound to have something for you. Best of all, you can browse their collections on their Instagram accounts. Our favourites, above.

Rina Lee Jewellery
Who: Rina Lee    Why you should bother:  After studying Contemporary Arts at The University of Tasmania, Singapore-based jewellery designer Rina Lee reflects it through her elegant designs. The result is a selection of modern, unique pieces for the individual who prefers designs off the beaten track. Though most pieces are minimal, her designs prove a great option for those who like simple with a little twist. Her items are affordable, with most retailing for under $300.  Where to shop: You’ll be able to purchase her products on her online site. Instagram: @rljewellery Image: Rina Lee Jewellery   3125
Who: Caroline Justine Goh    Why you should bother: Just 22 years old, Goh is an independent entrepreneur and 3125 was birthed out of a school project. After pitching the concept to her lecturers, she decided to turn it into reality and voila. Most of her raw materials are sourced from all over Southeast Asia, and as part of her way to give back to the community, she donates 10% of her profits to Tamar Village — a non-profit organisation — that supports youths at risk in Singapore. 3125 has collaborated with another brand on this list (Yard Yarn, see below) for a collection titled ‘Futuristic Garden’.   Where to shop: 3125 mostly sells their items online with the occasional pop-up store. 3125 is available at Sultan Plaza, 100 Jln Sultan, #03-30A, S(199001) but visits are strictly by appointment only. Instagram: @threeonetwofive Image: 3125 CCRXYST
Who? Caroline AKA “Line”    Why you should bother: By another young founder and designer (aged 22), CCRXYST specialises in gemstone jewellery — a combination of handmade crystals and semi precious stones. Caroline’s passion began when she saw that crystals were prevalent at markets in Australia, which she found interesting and decided to try her hand at. Apart from CCRXYST, she is also actually a full-time interior designer. Her items are affordable, with most pieces going for under S$30.   Where to shop: CCRXYST mainly sells their products through Carousell and updates her followers with new products regularly through Facebook and Instagram. Photo: Instagram (@ccrxyst) KLACE
Who: Joline Lim and Kyle Ong   Why you should bother: Are you really passionate about the environment and reducing your carbon footprint on the earth? Well, so does KLACE and they want you to look good while doing so. Having taken part in Singapore’s first ever multi-brand eco lifestyle pop-up store — The Green Collective — that took place earlier this year, it is safe to say that the popularity of KLACE is only going to grow from here on. Specialising in earrings and necklaces, KLACE often makes use of geometry — triangles, semicircles and circles— and their designs are instantly recognisable through this.   Where to shop: Their items are mainly sold through their online store.   Instagram: @wearklace Image: KLACE Thrifty Thieves
Who: Jamie Onn Why you should bother: Often presenting their items on Patone colour swatches, Thrifty Thieves is known for their unique colour combinations and artsy earrings — sometimes using taking visual cues from plants, natural landscapes and fruits to give their products curious colourways. Where to shop: They mainly sell their products on their online store or at pop-up stores all over Singapore — using their Instagram and Facebook accounts to keep their followers in the loop. Using their Tumblr page, Thrifty Thieves features individuals who don their pieces.   Instagram: @thriftythieves Image: Thrifty Thieves   Yard Yarn
Who: Genevieve Tan    Why you should bother: Having graduated from Temesek Polytechnic with a diploma in Apparel Design and Merchandising, Tan decided to start her label Yard Yarn at the age of 26. Using scrap materials to create her pieces, she challenges herself creatively as well as keeping Yard Yarn eco-friendly. Unafraid to experiment, Tan works with suede, leather and metal. If you are worried the weight of these earrings as the designer favours large pieces, most of their items are lightweight — 100g and below.   Where to shop: You’ll be able to purchase Yard Yarn products on their online site.   Instagram: @yard_yarn Image: Yard Yarn