Tudor Pelagos 42mm titanium case, blue rubber strap with titanium buckle and self-winding mechanical movement. Pullover, Cos

In three years, Darius Chia has gone from being a suit-wearing banker on the best-dressed lists of men’s magazines to a real estate agent – albeit a very dapper one. “I never liked being desk-bound and I enjoy having autonomy over my time,” says Chia. “So I went and earned myself an estate agent licence.”

That, however, was the easiest part. “It was a steep learning curve because you’re more or less alone,
having to learn everything by yourself and how to manage your time,” he recalls. “And real estate is a
dirty game – there are a lot of agents out there who will do anything to seal the deal. It’s a lonely job, but it’s rewarding if you know what you’re doing.”

For Chia, it’s the people on the other side of the game who make the job fulfilling. “The best
thing is building relationships with my clients, and it’s always surprising to see who are the ones with
real money.”

Chia relishes the unremitting nature of his business, and it carries over to how he treats his
possessions as well. “I wear my watch 24/7, even in the shower,” he admits. “So something that fits well and is waterproof, like this Tudor Pelagos diving watch, is ideal.”


Photography Joel Low, assisted by Alfie Pan Styling Imran Jalal Hair Manisa Tan/Paletteinc, using La Biosthetique

An adapted version first appeared in 24:7. 

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