The fashion lover in all of us loves anything that’s adjustable. Need proof? There’s Swarovski’s Infinity bracelet series with an adjustable clasp and there’s Pandora’s Signature collection necklace with the adjustable neckline. But what we don’t get very often, (especially in the case of a fine jewellery brand like Monica Vinader) are rings that are adjustable.

British jewellery house Monica Vinader’s new series of striking yet delicate rings that come in a thin chain band can–get this–be fitted to any width (think Dior’s Mimirose collection but with a customisable twist).

First released back in their Autumn/Winter 2018 collection featuring simple but elegant diamond pieces in their Fiji collection, the latest 2019 collection brings them back again. This time, in the contemporary Riva collection (that’s inspired by the coasts of the Italian Riviera) and the playful ‘Alphabet’ collection (featuring a moon-star-heart motif that’s inspired by the old adage “love you to the moon and back”).

The result: dainty adjustable bands in sterling silver or gold/rose gold vermeil that’s completed with exquisite diamonds in this season’s silhouettes (see above). Go for the minimalistic yet impressionable look by adorning it on its own or stack them together with the different collections to add some style dimension to your look.

Either way, the versatility and charm of these adjustable rings are the new timeless jewellery pieces to have.

The Monica Vinader Autumn/Winter 2019 Alphabet and Riva collection will be out in stores from 31st October and 1st August respectively with the adjustable rings retailing from S$240.