Before taking up the post of chief creative officer at Pandora in 2011, Stephen Fairchild had already chalked up some serious fashion cred. His career included stints as design director at Calvin Klein, Valentino, Polo Ralph Lauren and Giorgio Armani. There’s also the fact that his late father John was the legendary editor who turned industry trade publication Women’s Wear Daily into the must-read authority that it is.

In charge of all creative aspects, including product design, at the Copenhagen-based jeweller, the younger Fairchild has brought his ability to draw from trends, and make them wearable yet collectible, to the brand. His latest plan is spot on what some of fashion’s most directional labels now are into: celebrating individuality. Here’s what to expect.

pandora charms
Stylist Caroline Issa gets props for her ability to mix and match.

An allegiance to style, not fashion

“Style is personal, while fashion is transient… In fashion, everything happens fast, and the only thing that matters is what’s in at the moment. Jewellery (more than clothes) is the kind of item that allows women to express their personal style. To me, the celebrities who best embody this spirit are Olivia Palermo, who always looks relaxed yet feminine and unique, while being completely on trend; Mary, the crown princess of Denmark; and Caroline Issa, who’s one of the stylists we worked with on Fall’s #TheLookOfYou campaign, and is fantastic at mixing and matching.”

pandora jewelry charms
You can switch the mini charms encased in the Floating Locket.

More customisable pieces (and they’re not just bracelets)

“Each season, we improve popular designs with new, innovative craftsmanship, as well as introduce fresh ones that can be styled together with pieces from past or current collections. One of the latest, for example, is the Floating Locket, a framed oval-shaped sterling silver pendant with sapphire glass crystal windows, on a matching necklace. Within it, you can display a trio of petite charms.”

pandora jewelry earrings
The Dazzling Poetic Droplets studs come with “jackets” that transform them into drop earrings.

Innovative styles that give more bang for your buck

“Some pieces (from its Fall/Winter 2016 collection) really allow customers to experiment with different looks. The Vintage Allure and Dazzling Poetic Droplets earrings are good examples that cleverly combine two looks into one. Both consist of simple, sophisticated studs that come with what we call ‘ear jackets’ (an extra curved component that can be attached to the studs). Slip them on and they become fabulous statement pieces.”


This story first appeared in the November 2016 issue of Female.

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