mothers' day
The Mothers’ Day collection by Pandora goes beyond mums, and is perfect for stacking.

When it comes to mother-daughter relationships and style, you often get the OTT-kind like the Kris Jenner-Kim Kardashian camp. Or a more carefree one like Charlotte Gainsbourg and Jane Birkin. The new jewellery line, by Danish label Pandora, falls under the latter category for two very simple reasons: They are timeless and exude effortless style.

mothers' day
The Pandora Rose collection features newly launched jewellery pieces such as the Pandora Signature Logo safety chain and ring.

On one hand, there is the Pandora Rose collection — named so for its trademark use of the brand’s signature namesake alloy, which gives the pieces a warm but subtle blush gold effect. Here, the collection plays on the floral theme of daisies. Rather than going through the more saccharine sweet route, they are turned into more modern and graphic motifs.

The charms from the Pandora Rose collection features a trademark metal alloy which comes with a subtle blush hue.

Think a single bloom rendered as a solitaire on a simple band design, or the entire shank of a ring decorated in cubic zirconia-encrusted petals. Meanwhile, the heart-shaped charms in this range feature an openwork detail to give a bolder appearance.

mothers' day
The Hearts Of Love series features modern jewellery designs like an open ring and mismatched earrings.

Its silver pieces in the Hearts of Love series come with a more feminine slant. As the name suggests, the heart motif is central to the clean aesthetic of designs like an open ring, drop earrings, pendants and charms. The see-through Hearts of Love locket can be customised with a trio of petite charms.

It’s a witty take on the Victorian-era locket pendants: instead of photographs, the baubles in the locket can move freely. The romance is not lost, though. Every workmanship here remains artisanal: The silver jewellery feature different combinations of hand-applied silver enamel and hand-polished hearts.

And like Gainsbourg and Birkin, these pieces will never go out of style.