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Pretty, Stackable Jewellery You’ll Never Want To Take Off

Fact: We love jewellery. Also fact: We love jewellery that gives us a lot of mileage. By that, we mean pieces that aren’t just taken out of storage for a special occasion, but ones that can be worn on their own for a more subtle, refined take, or combined with other pieces on more adventurous days.

Monica Vinader, the eponymous founder of the British semi-fine jewellery label, is a big believer in this. It’s why all her pieces, across different collections, are designed to fit seamlessly with one another.

“Our jewellery is about wearing it every day,” she tells us during an interview at her quaint Norfolk office in the countryside (find out more about it in our June 2017 issue). “The freedom of mixing and matching as you want, when you want – there are no rules. I don’t believe in rules. I like to design things that give people options.”

Here, gemstone-studded rings, delicate diamond earrings and minimalist cuffs that make wearing them 24/7 a foregone conclusion. Shop them now at the brand’s Ion Orchard store (#B1-09):

#1: Siren gold-plated and onyx earrings, $470
The Siren collection features brightly-coloured gemstones in innovative cuts and shapes, and pays homage to the glamorous landscapes of southern Italy. #2: Siren rose gold-plated and pink quartz jacket earrings, $365
#3: Siren sterling silver and blue lace agate stacking ring, $155
#4: Siren sterling silver and amazonite bracelet, $200
#5: Siren sterling silver and grey agate cuff, $365
#6: Nura Mini Heart 18-carat rose gold vermeil necklace with diamonds, $575
The Nura collection was designed by Vinader after a family holiday to Majorca, Spain. The pieces are inspired by reef fragments, shells and pebbles. #7: Nura Mini Heart 18-carat rose gold vermeil bracelet, $525
#8: Nura Teardrop 18-carat rose gold vermeil and diamond climber earrings, $1,660
#9: Nura Teardrop 18-carat rose gold vermeil and diamond bracelet, $1,360
#10: Nura Teardrop 18-carat rose gold vermeil ring, $200
#11: Nura Reef 18-carat rose gold vermeil bracelet, $365
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