Once you go black... Credit: Tiffany & Co.

One of the perks of being a Tiffany HardWear ambassador is you get first dibs to don some truly exceptional pieces from the collection. Such is the case for Rosé of Blackpink who just debuted a rare necklace design from the collection: a black titanium gauge chain necklace that features a single 18K rose gold paved diamond link.

Credit:Tiffany & Co.

The black titanium necklace features a single gauge link in pink gold with paved diamonds.

Not only is this the first time a design from the HardWear line is crafted in a material other than gold, the facelift also gives this limited-edition piece a more comfortable quality since titanium is one of the most lightweight materials to be used in jewellery making. The semi-matte finish of the titanium links further ramps up the industrial edge of the gauge link necklace which is based on an archival Tiffany & Co. bracelet design from 1971.

Credit:Tiffany & Co.

The black titanium piece on Rosé is arguably the edgiest iteration of the HardWear collection since the line debuted in 2017.

The piece is currently available exclusively at Tiffany & Co.’s flagship boutique at Ion Orchard and comes with a price tag of $33,500. All together now: Black titanium in your area!