The first product launched by The Mindful Company: Sleek Reminder Band cuffs made of silver, gold and rose gold in polished or matte finishes, and subtly engraved with encouraging affirmations.

The brand was borne out of a combined passion

“We wanted to create a brand that promoted mental resilience, personal reflection, and kindness. As life is full of ups and downs, the company‘s mission is to encourage reflection and resilience through everyday reminders. We want people to celebrate the good times, to take a healthy perspective towards the challenging times and embrace the crazy changes that life throws at them.”

It’s not trend-driven

“When we design, we always start with our customers in mind, rather than what’s trending. We’re interested in creating products that are timeless, functional, durable and with strong messages. We only release products that we 100 per cent believe will be a meaningful addition to someone’s life.”

The most popular phrases over the festive season: “Joie de vivre” (French for “the joy of living”), “Gratitude” and “Light”.

Its accessories are designed to be worn everyday

“The minimalist design of our Reminder Bands ensures that it serves two functions – firstly, that the message is not overshadowed, and secondly, that it can be easily integrated into the wearer’s life, whether they are dressed for work or play.”

Everything is pocket-friendly

“We are primarily an e-commerce business and keep our prices (ranging from $48 for a cuff to $69 for a chain) affordable by selling directly to the consumer. It’s part of our mission to keep prices as accessible as possible while maintaining a high quality.”

The brand’s latest launch: Dainty, delicate Reminder Band Chains in silver, gold and rose gold.

Sustainability is important to the brand

“We work closely with our manufacturing partners in China. We’re very hands-on with our manufacturing process and we choose only to work with partners that comply with stringent global social, safety and environmental standards. The stainless steel that we use (for the cuffs) is sourced from Europe, and we use recycled materials for our packaging. We also ensure that we only produce as much as we need.”

It’s also socially motivated

“We currently support Singapore organisations that provide mental resilience training and support to their beneficiaries. That includes the Stroke Support Station, a wellness centre that supports stroke survivors and their caregivers in Singapore. We’ve donated hundreds of our products to assist with their fundraising efforts and also volunteer our time. In 2017, we plan tocontinue to give back through our products and support local charitable organisations.”

Accessory fiends will dig the adjustable Reminder Band Braids, which come in colours like burgundy, grey and a seafoam green. Another plus: They’re great for layering.

It will continue to expand its product offerings next year

“As the company serves both men and women, we’re focused on rolling out products that will appeal to a greater male audience. After all, men need encouraging too.”

Shop The Mindful Company online or at TANGS By Tangs Plaza.


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