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3 Under-The-Radar Singapore Jewellery Brands To Know

From origami-esque and abstract baubles to edgy teeth grills, meet the emerging Singapore jewellery brands that are shaking up the accessory scene here.

#1: Chez Grillz

singapore jewellery teeth grills chez grillz

The two-year-old jewellery label by Hanya Seah and her partner specialises in customised teeth grills, caps and fangs – simply put, the “mouth bling” worn by celebrities like Madonna, Kendall Jenner and other hip-hop artists.

“I wanted to get “teeth grillz” done but there was no one who was able to do it in Asia,” Seah says of the brand’s origins. “My partner then did a lot of research and figured out how to do it.”

singapore jewellery teeth grills chez grillz

Apart from teeth grills, their other offerings are just as edgy: There are bejewelled signet rings, necklaces with letters in gothic Old English font, and even pendants bearing the faces of local music sensations Gentle Bones and Myrne (see photo above).

Everything from the brand is handmade, and the materials used to create their jewellery – sterling silver, 9/14/18-karat gold or rose gold – are sourced from local goldsmiths. Customised items take at least a month to produce, while customised teeth grills will take two weeks.

singapore jewellery teeth grills chez grillz

Seah says that while prices start at $80 for a simple necklace, you could pay a pretty penny for highly customised ones. “A piece could cost thousands of dollars depending on the complexity of the design, the type of metal used and whether there are diamonds or crystals,” she explains.

For now, they’re only taking in orders via their Instagram account, because they find that it’s easier to communicate directly with their customers that way. “We’re happy that we’ve gotten to know most of our customers on a personal level,” she adds.