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The Affordable Timepieces Under $700 That Sparkle

What if we told you you could get your share of sparkle with $700 or less? Below, a round up of watches that'll help you get your bling on.
Olivia Burton Rainbow steel watch on matching bracelet, $249,
You’ve got your rainbow and pot of gold in one with this colourful Olivia Burton number. Ruby stainless steel watch with sequins on canvas strap, $132, Coach
Dorothy had her Ruby red shoes – and now there’s an ultra-adorable glittery watch to match. Titan Sparkle 2 stainless steel watch with crystals on matching bracelet,
Want some subtle, business-appropriate flash? This Titan watch’s speckled navy dial does the job. Miu Miu steel watch with faux perals on matching bracelet, $615,
If you’re not a fan of rhinestones, consider this pearl-encased Miu Miu timepiece the quirky alternative to consider. Golden Sparkle plastic watch on silicone strap, $109, Swatch
Channel your pre-tween dreams with this playful golden sparkle silicone Swatch watch. Eternal rose gold-plated steel watch with crystals on matching bracelet, $649, Swarovski
Here’s the timepiece to pull out when you’re looking to amp up the shine to 100. Steel watch with matching bracelet, $125, Swatch
Timepiece or adorable charm bracelet? Swatch’s rhinestone-studded steel watch combines both. Suitor stainless steel watch on matching bracelet, $152, Fossil
A minimalist? This tone on tone Fossil piece serves up sleek, understated sparkle.