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Swarovski's Game-Changing Remix Collection Is The Transformers Of Jewellery

swarovski remix collectionWhile customisation has been a major ongoing trend among brands for a while now, Swarovski’s new “Remix” range appears to take it to the next level. I was recently in Bangkok for a preview of the Austrian brand’s Fall/Winter ’17 collection and it was pretty clear that the Remix Collection was the clear stand-out among all the offerings.

swarovski remix collection

Swarovski face Karlie Kloss fronts the house’s F/W ’17 collection

Why are we loving this particular range so much? While the Remix collection appears, at first glance, to comprise entirely of bracelets, these bracelets are also capable of morphing into a whole variety of necklaces, chokers, anklets or even headbands.

swarovski remix collectionHow so? By means of magnetic closures on both ends of any individual bracelet (a first for Swarovski), which allow each individual “strand” (they’re all of the same length) to be easily connected to other strands via these magnets.

One strand makes a bracelet, two a choker and you can simply go on adding extra pieces for the length you desire. Now, if that isn’t one of the most hardworking jewellery collections you can get your hands on, I don’t know what is.

The collection drops 2nd August at Swarovski boutiques islandwide and here, we take a look at our favourite pieces from each of the four styles within the collection:




"Timeless Pearls"
The most classic category of the collection with its heavier emphasis on pearls, it’s also the same one that’s featured on supermodel Karlie Kloss (above). Pair with a LBD (Little Black Dress) and multiple strands to channel Holly Golightly from Breakfast At Tiffany’s. "Romantic Emotions"
The most colourful category, I’m loving this particular piece for its “lucky” connotations – you’ll recognise the four-leaf clover charm, I’m sure, a traditional symbol of good luck. The green stone charm adds a nice touch of colour without being ostentatious. "Rock Chic"
While I’m not sure how this translates into “rock chic”, its rose gold hue is undoubtedly pretty and easy to flatter most skin tones.   "Crystal Glamour"
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