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These Swatch Watches Aren't Your Wallflower Variety

Flower power.

The Lovely Garden collection is priced from $90-$109.

From the high impact florals on the Spring/Summer 2020 runways to the popularity of floral arrangements on social media lately, it is undeniable that everybody loves flowers. Swiss watch company Swatch is in on this blossoming trend, coming in with a floral-packed punch in the wrist department is Swatch. For its latest drop dubbed the Lovely Garden collection, the Swiss watch giant offers up five watch designs in different wallpaper-style floral prints to choose from – ranging from purple peonies to playful hibiscus prints.

If you’re looking for a smaller, understated timepiece both the Enchanted Meadow and Enchanted Pond models come in at 31.4mm x 25mm x 7mm. For a bolder statement, Swatch’s Just Flowers, Sweet Garden and Dhabiscus models measure in at 47.4mm x 41mm x 9.85mm. Other specs we love about Swatch’s fuss-free designs such as its on-screen date fixture, a three-bar waterproof reading and the two-year warranty can be found in this collection too. Ranging from $90-$109, the Lovely Garden collection is now available to shop on Swatch’s online store.

Dhabiscus plastic watch on matching strap, $109
Enchanted Pond plastic watch on matching strap, $90
Enchanted Meadow plastic watch on matching strap, $90
Sweet Garden plastic watch on matching strap, $103
Just Flowers plastic watch on matching strap, $99