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This Range Of Steel Watches From Swatch Goes On A "Diet"

Some things should never be skinny. Like models and jeans. Then there are some things which are best done thin. Like fine ham, truffles, and your watches. This is where the Skin collection by Swiss watch label comes in. Created in 1997, the series of slim quartz-powered tickers revolutionised the way we wear watches as accessories, and till today, it remains as the thinnest line in the brand’s repertoire.

This month, the Skin collection ($209-$279) introduces the Irony series which features stainless steel cases that measure a mere 5.8 mm high (or the height of two 50 cent coins stacked together).  What this means for the wearer: A solid and hardy metal watch that does not come with the bulk and heft that’s often associated with steel watches.


The eight pieces in the Irony family comes with quite a few style options. There’s an ’80s-tinged version in warm yellow gold that features a matching wavy metal bracelet. For something that’d appeal to the art crowd, there are versions with dials sans any indexes, except for the 12-o’clock and 6-o’clock markers. Despite the options, these watches still bear the understated and minimal aesthetic that the Skin collection is well-known for.

#1: Skinbrushed stainless steel watch on leather strap, $209, Swatch
#2: Skinnoir Iron stainless steel watch on silicone strap, $209, Swatch
#3: Skinlingot stainless steel PVD watch on matching bracelet, $279, Swatch
#4: Skinbrushed stainless steel watch with synthetic leather strap, $215, Swatch
#5: Skindoree stainless steel watch on silicone strap, $215, Swatch
#6: Skinspring stainless steel watch on silicone strap, $209, Swatch
#7: Skinblueiron stainless steel watch on silicone strap, $209, Swatch
#8: Skinpole stainless steel watch on matching bracelet, $230, Swatch
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