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All proceeds from this $12,800 Lee Hwa stunner will go to the National Museum of Singapore.

History can be a study in fashion and style, like these stunning pieces that were a celebrity favourite. The ancient Sumerians who lived in what is southern Iraq today were the Iris Apfel and Diana Vreeland of their day. Just like the two fashion icons, Sumerian women had a flair for ornate and ethnic-inspired gold and silver jewellery that’s peppered with stones like lapis lazuli and carnelian, using techniques like granulation and filigree which are rare handicrafts in jewellery-making today.

This gold necklace was found in a royal tomb in the Iraqi city of Ur around 2500 BC. Photo: © 2015 the Trustees of the British Museum

One famous piece of jewellery from that era is a 4,500-year-old choker necklace. Excavated from a royal tomb in the city of Ur, it features geometric motifs of yellow gold and lapis lazuli. Now, it’s part of the attractions from The British Museum’s Treasures Of The World exhibition which runs at the National Museum of Singapore from December 5 till May 29. To mark the occasion, Lee Hwa Jewellery has designed a necklace that takes its inspiration from that ancient design.

While the look is more geometric and Art Deco, the combination of lapis lazuli and 18K yellow gold topped with glittering diamonds is a graphic and glamorous homage to the Sumerian artefact. And while the latter might be priceless, the Lee Hwa piece is available for $12,800 and will be on show at its Ion Orchard boutique (#B2-58) from this Friday till December 22, and thereafter at the VivoCity store (#01-193) till January 7.


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