MB&F robot clock

Created in collaboration with Chinese designer Xin Wang and L’Epee 1839, Switzerland’s only specialised high-end clock manufacturer, Maximilian Busser & Friends (aka MB&F) has created the Melchior (price unavailable). It’s part toy, part clock, has 480 components, and is one cool commemorative piece to celebrate the brand’s 10th anniversary. Here’s the breakdown, from its top to its rocket, of what does what:

  • The head

It holds the regulator, the heart of the watch with a 40-day power reserve (most clocks offer eight days).

The chest

It features jumping hours and sweeping minutes, displayed via discs bearing MB&F’s signature numerals, with pointers incorporated into the breastplate.

The abdomen

That’s where the power reserve indicator is. Five mainspring barrels equate to optimum performance.

The rocket launcher

Situated on the left arm, this is detachable and doubles as the winding key for the movement.


An adapted version first appeared in 24:7, out on newsstands now. 


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