While the majority of watches these days skew towards the familiar circular face, here’s a fun fact: some of the earliest timepieces (dating back to the early 1900s) actually came square-faced and the angular style dominated the period.

The early wristwatch models were made primarily for men but Tissot, a stalwart of the Swiss watch-making industry since 1853, has enabled women to get in on the game since the 1910s. The Swiss maison’s latest launch is similarly ahead of the curve: the new Tissot Lovely Square watch is betting on the square face — and it’s a timely bet too, as the style has been quietly making a return in recent years.If you’re after a delicate women’s watch that offers a distinctly unique aesthetic, this quartz timepiece will do the trick. The Tissot Love Square’s face measures just 2 by 2 cm, an astounding feat (go ahead, draw a box of those dimensions) that renders the model one of the smallest on the market.

And here’s a model wearing the watch to get a better gauge of its dainty size:

The Swiss-made watch comes in seven iterations across a variety of colours (light, dark and pastel) as well as two different strap options — metal Milanese mesh for those who like to keep things classic or embossed leather for a touch of novelty.

And while the Lovely Square watch was inspired by Tissot’s earlier offerings for women in the ’60s, its clean, spare lines reads more contemporary than anything. On our part, we imagine it’s one of those classic, can’t-go-wrong models that’ll take you from the office to a fancy bar with its faceted, diamond-esque glass case. Need to up the glamour quotient? Go with the white diamond-studded versions and you’re settled.

For more details on the Lovely Square watch and where to shop it, check out Tissot’s website