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Why Female Loves the Limited Edition White Diving Watch by Chaumet

How do you turn a sporty timepiece into a work of art? Chaumet’s answer is in hands of Italian-born artist Loris Cecchini.

Chaumet Hooks Up With Loris Cecchini For A Diving Watch 4

Loris Cecchini and his original Wallvave vibration (momentum wavevector chorus) installation from 2012.

The world of fine watches used to be about the art of movements: tourbillons, chronographs, escapements, what have you – they still are. But there is another movement in the watch industry that’s catching on: art itself. Pop artists, industrial designers and graffiti artists have all answered the call by luxury watch makers to dress up the timepieces.

Chaumet Hooks Up With Loris Cecchini For A Diving Watch 6

 “We spent almost one year of work and conversation with engineers and craftsmen to realise this product,” said Cecchini.

Chaumet, the French house, is in on the game. It has roped in Milan-born, Berlin-based contemporary artist Loris Cecchini to work on the Class One, its first diving watch. The man has had solo exhibitions at venues such as Paris’ Palais de Tokyo and New York’s PS1, and explores organic and minimalist themes regularly in his works. The Class One, first launched in 1998, underwent a stark white facelift under Cecchini’s, uhm, watch.

Chaumet Hooks Up With Loris Cecchini For A Diving Watch 7

 The Cecchini look is a blend of organic themes, minimalist lines, and lots of white.

Cecchini turned to his 2012 masterpiece – Wallvave vibration (momentum wavevector chorus) – for this outing. Referencing the wave-like curves of his own arteork, the mother-of-pearl dial is carved to represent ripples in water, creating a 3D-effect – it took close to a year to complete. The timepiece, limited to 300 pieces, will be available from April for $12,800, and comes in a specially designed-box that Cecchini autographed. It’s also another name you can add to the all-white trend in timepieces now.