Why not a pocket watch? It’s the original timepiece (the wristwatch was derived from them). It has vintage cachet and swag. And this one is made by a really cool brand.

Would You Carry A Stopwatch 5

$1,205, Level 4 Robinsons The Heeren

If Portland is known for its hardcore hippies, then Detroit is the capital for hardcore industries. But in the last three years, Shinola has been bringing the hip to Motor City. The company’s core business is watches with an all-American vibe, but its bikes and leather-bound journals are just as ace. Imagine the Brooklyn, Monocle and Tiong Bahru hipster rolled into one. The newest kid on the Shinola block is the 49mm Runwell Pocket Watch, an old school adaptation of its signature quartz-powered stainless steel model that comes in a slate blue and white dial. It’s a great pick if you’re into pocket watches – a trending niche area by luxury Swiss brands and collectors. Sherlock Holmes? Not so. Americana? For sure.