The Treatment

This 75min treatment starts off with a relaxing neck and shoulder massage followed by a double cleanse and scrub before a thorough extraction procedure was done. She then begins with the Meridian Eye Lift treatment where she first applied a cream before using a “bian shi” stone, which reportedly stimulates blood circulation. She starts on the left of my face using quick back and forth hand motions that began from my crow’s feet to the back of my ears and down to my neck. She then went on using the same motion and technique on my eyebrows, under eye area, cheeks and chin. While it was quite uncomfortable and painful at certain points, it was bearable. Once done, she spritzes a rose face mist to soothe and hydrate my skin before applying a Rose Face Mask, which is formulated with rose essential oil to hydrate, soothe and calm skin. I was then treated to a relaxing neck, shoulder and back massage and after 15 minutes, the mask was removed. Basic skincare was then applied to end off the treatment.


I really love how this treatment gave instant results. With exceptions from the extractions (read: redness at certain spots, which subsided the next day), my skin was visibly plumper, more lifted and contoured. My skin also felt really smooth and soft and my eyebags appeared less visible. My pores also seemed tighter and my complexion was more luminous, radiant and well hydrated. $456 (current promotion price: $59), Infinite Beauty House 422 And Mo Ko Ave 3 #01-2532 tel: 9740-9889