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These Beauty Tutorials Will School You On How To Highlight And Contour Asian Faces

If you're looking for make up hacks that'll have you snatched, check out these beauty tutorials on how to highlight and contour asian features.

Makeup techniques and how you apply makeup are often dependent on the type of features you have. The way you highlight and contour, for example, is usually different depending on the shape of your face – oval, heart-shaped, square and more. But your features play a part too. For example, the nose bridges of East Asians are often not as high while those of South Asian descent, like Indians, tend to have a more prominent nose bridges – which is why when you are looking for a highlighting and contouring Youtube tutorial, it’s not the best idea to just follow along with a Youtuber who looks vastly different from you. Here are six Youtube tutorials to watch to get highlighting and contouring right for Asian faces and features.

1. Pony

What is Pony (a.k.a. Park Hye-Min) known for? Her makeup skills that helps her transform into famous people. What are the Kardashians and Jenners known for? Extreme contouring, probably, among other things. In this video, Pony replicates the super-sculpted face makeup you see on the Kardashian-Jenner clan. Here, Pony uses a concealer as a highlighter on her forehead, cheekbones and chin areas, and eyeshadow and contouring palette on her nose, sides of the face and jawline. One tip we learned from the video: Use a loose powder to “mark off” the highlighted parts before doing the contouring as a guide, then dusting off extra powder afterwards. If you are not interested to transform into Kylie Jenner, start watching from the 3:10 mark to the 4:30 mark for just the contouring and highlighting parts. Otherwise, you can watch the weirdly mesmerising transformation in full – it’s just six minutes long. Pony also has a video collaboration with Etude House, where she uses the brand’s contouring sticks to teach different ways of highlighting and contouring according to different face shapes.