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Here's Why Writer Sofia Kim Is Obsessed With The New Laneige Fresh Calming Line

When it comes to achieving a radiant, plump and flawless complexion, it’s safe to say the Koreans have pretty much got it locked down. Being an avid K-beauty junkie, I obviously had to try out  Laneige‘s new line when I got my hands on it. The Fresh Calming collection helps to soothe, moisturise and restore skin’s natural balance. It consists of four products: a cleanser, toner, serum and a morning mask (which is the one I am most excited about). All the products in the line are hypoallergenic to reduce the likelihood of any reactions to the skin and are formulated with two main ingredients: natural litchi extract (which also gives the products the same refreshing scent) and deep-sea water.

Laneige uses the natural litchi extract from the peel of the lychee fruit which contains strong antioxidant properties to protect and soothe skin. It also helps to alleviate skin damage caused by harmful fine particles and UV rays in the environment. Deep sea water, on the other hand, delivers abundant moisture to skin and also generates skin’s natural moisturising factor (NMF) to improve skin barriers and boost hydration. Below, I share my experience with the products and why I’m currently hooked on them.

The new Fresh Calming Line has pre-launched on where the Fresh Calming Morning Mask set is available for pre-order. The full range of products will be available at all Laneige boutiques and counters, Lazada Singapore and Zalora Singapore from 30 June 2017.

#1: Fresh Calming Gel Cleanser, $30
The first thing that came to my mind while applying this gel cleanser was how light it felt on my skin. It gently removes oil and sebum without stripping away moisture from my skin, leaving it plump and hydrated. It also did not cause any irritation to my sensitive skin and I felt very refreshed after. #2: Fresh Calming Toner, $40
This water-based toner has become one of my favourite toners. It is very hydrating and provides a subtle cooling sensation immediately to soothe my skin without causing any irritation. It also helps to improve my complexion’s oil-moisture balance and leaves skin feeling refreshed. #3: Fresh Calming Serum, $48
Here’s why this immediately gets my vote: This lightweight, gel-textured serum does not leave my skin feeling greasy after application. It also provides a subtle cooling effect just like the toner and hydrates and balances oily skin at the same time. #4: Fresh Calming Morning Mask, $38
This mask dispenses as a foam but dissolves into a watery emulsion upon application. It contains the highest concentration of litchi extract and panthenol amongst all the products in the new line. I gently pat the product onto my entire face and leave it to set for a minute before applying my sunblock and makeup. Once applied, I felt an immediate soothing effect. It also helps to lock in all the nutrients delivered to my skin from the rest of my skincare and boosts hydration. The best part? It doubles up as a primer and helps my makeup last longer. Like this? Check out the 10 upcoming beauty launches from Sephora to look out for, the new Korean beauty brands in Singapore and the products to try and all the Korean beauty products you need to stay flawless in the summer heat.