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5 Ways To Protect Your Skin From UV Rays, Ranging The Best Sunscreen To What You Eat

Sunscreen it up
We preach it all the time only because you absolutely must! Slather on a daily SPF which protects your skin from harmful UVA and UVB rays and choose one that is at least SPF30. Our favourites, here. Choose foods that naturally boost your body’s SPF
Did you know that certain foods help boost your skin’s natural protection from the sun? A recent study by Professor Mark Birch Machin from Newcastle University shows that tomatoes — in particular, tomato paste — is an SPF powerhouse. Other foods that helps your body decrease your chances of sunburn include watermelon, fatty fish, dark chocolate and pomegranate. Watch your spots
Keep a close eye on your moles and catch problems that may arise at the earliest possible stage. Note moles that change colour, size or shape, especially if it turns black or red, don’t be afraid to go straight to a dermatologist or a doctor who can refer you to a specialist. Wear UV Sunnies
If your skin is deftly protected, you shouldn’t forget your eyes and the thin, delicate skin around it. Sunnies labeled to shield 99 percent of UV rays help prevent skin damage and signs of aging around your eyes. Arm yourself with a UV Index monitor
It’s easy to look outside and decide it’s too sunny for a run, but what if it’s dreary out? Apple Watch Series 4 comes with a UV Index forecasting tool, so you know when you should be outside tossing a Frisbee with your favourite furry friend, and when you should be cuddling and taking a nap.