Many know and love the existing Lancome Advanced Génifique Youth Activating serum for its anti-ageing, skin-perfecting prowess. What happens when this star skincare product gets updated with a breakthrough technology that looks set to be the next big beauty industry obsession? It becomes a must-try, of course.

Boasting a new formula created through the innovative – and buzzy – field known as microbiome science, this sophomore edition drops in stores Aug 30. Here, all the reasons that’ll convince you to go shopping for a bottle (or more).

1. The original version is a true – and well-loved – OG

Introduced in 2009, the first and original Lancome Advanced Génifique Youth Activating serum has clinched a whopping 170 awards and 10,000 five-star reviews. According to polls done by the brand, 97 per cent of its women users would also recommend it to their peers in a heartbeat. How’s that for some longtime trust?

2. Women cannot get enough of it literally

Don’t be surprised if the updated, improved version of Lancome’s Advanced Géneifique Youth Activating serum sells out fast. According to the brand, a bottle of the original iteration sells every six seconds with a total of 25 million bottles snapped up worldwide since the product’s debut a decade ago.

3. The updated formula has been in the works for even longer than the OG’s been around


Believe it or not: While Lancome introduced its Advanced Génifique Youth Activating serum to customers a decade ago, work on the new version that will replace the original from tomorrow started as early as 15 years ago. In that time, the brand’s Worldwide Advanced Research team – armed with 80 years of experience – is said to have gone through over 197 formulation trials before deriving this “improved” edition. If that’s too much math for you to process, just know that the French beauty giant takes this signature serum very seriously, focusing on its R&D constantly so that, well, good can become even better.

4. It’s one of the first products by a major beauty company to tap onto the benefits of microbiome science on skin

The microbiome refers to a living ecosystem of microorganisms that makes an integral part of the skin’s surface and scientists have found out that its balance is key to achieving – and maintaining – smooth, glowy skin. (After all, the technology means an inside-out approach to getting that enviable complexion.)

Up till now, products said to help one attain this balance have largely hailed from indie or niche beauty brands. This makes the latest iteration of Lancome’s Advanced Génifique Youth Activating serum possibly the most prominent of its kind, with its formula enriched with a unique blend of seven pre- and probiotics (basically different species of bacteria that are good for the skin).

Pre-biotics provide a vital source of nutrients for beneficial bacteria to grow, while probiotics are live micro-organisms that boost overall skin health. Together, they help deliver essentials such as sugar, amino acids and lipids to the skin and its microbiome.

5. Your skin will be visibly younger-looking after just one bottle…

According to tests done by Lancome, 82 per cent of women noticed their skin being baby-soft after using just one bottle of its updated anti-ageing serum.

6. It’ll also become stronger and more resilient

A balanced microbiome also means that skin will be better able to protect and repair itself. Through daily use of Lancome’s new microbiome science-backed Advanced Génifique Youth Activating serum, your skin is said to be able to be more effective at defending against pathogens (read: bacteria that cause diseases) and regulating excessive inflammation, with recovery against the effects of environmental damage said to increase by 77 per cent.

7. Guess you can call it youth in a bottle…

Studies have shown that with use, women can expect the diminished look of fine lines and wrinkles and an increase in radiance, evenness, smoothness, elasticity and firmness.

8. … And you can see the results in as fast as seven days!

According to Lancome, the amount of (good) bacteria in skin increases by 10 times just after the first application so one can see a Benjamin Button effect in as soon as a week.

9. It’s suitable for all skin types (yes, even if yours is really sensitive) 

Lancome ran 43 studies on 4,000 women across four different continents to ensure that its Advanced Génifique Youth Activating serum makes for an inclusive one. Sure enough, it’s proven to work for all skin types –  be it normal or sensitive, and everything in between.

10. You’ll appreciate its refreshing, lightweight texture

Which is exactly what we need with our recent spells of extreme hot weather. Absorbing quickly into skin sans residue, it also won’t clog pores.

11. You’ll always apply the optimum dose of serum 

Besides the formula, the dropper cap on every bottle of the updated Lancome Advanced Génifique Youth Activating serum has also been improved. A new patented self-loading function is meant to help it draw up a dose containing precisely 30 million pre- and probiotic fractions – the optimum amount needed – each time the cap is fastened.

12. Some of pop culture’s most inspiring women are endorsing it

In the US, the serum’s sophisticated campaign is fronted by the doe-eyed and understatedly cool Lily Collins. In South Korea, it’s K-pop sweetheart Suzy Bae. In Singapore, the ever elegant actress/director Jeanette Aw holds the title – and have you ever seen her practically poreless, line-free skin?

13. You can try out the new Advanced Génifique Youth Activating Serum for free

To let women have a better understanding of how its updated star product works without having to make any major commitments, Lancome is offering anyone interested in a seven-day trial. Simply sign up here and you’ll receive a sample that could just get you on board the microbiome beauty trend – and noticeably radiant, younger-looking skin.