Rebecca Ting

What it is: Local fashion brand Beyond The Vines will be hosting its first-ever online pre-order event for the hot-selling Life Reversible Relaxed Bag ($69) via Instagram Live. During the event, witness the debut of three new colours for this utilitarian design such as a combination of light blue and olive. Hosted by co-founder and creative director Rebecca Ting, the shopping session will also see give shoppers some facetime – pun totally intended – with the creative genius behind this five-year-old label who will be sharing the origins of the brand and offering styling tips and answer any of your burning questions. Expect pre-orders for the bags to be shipped out two weeks after the event.


The Life Reversible Relaxed Bag ($69) will be available for pre-order immediately after the live stream and arrive at your doorstep in two weeks.

Why bother: This event is giving us flashbacks to the good old days of watching shopping TV channels like QVC – something which we can all indulge in during this circuit-breaker. While the brand has been offering online shopping services even before the Covid-19 pandemic, this live stream takes the retail experience to the next level as it goes big on the human connection. You’ll be able to shoot your queries live, check for the product’s colour accuracy and visualise the proportions of the goods – all in real-time. Which explains why the brand is dubbing this “online shopping on crack”.

Where: Head to Beyond The Vines’ Instagram (@beyondthevines).

When: Friday, May 29, at noon.