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These Chic Glasses Will Protect Your Eyes From Screen Glare

Geek chic is all the rage now – and if you’re looking for fashionable yet affordable frames, make a point to check out six-year-old French eyewear brand See Concept. Debuting at Robinsons The Heeren on Tuesday, Nov 22, the brand was previously stocked at top multi-brand retailers like Colette, Dover Street Market and Harrod’s, and offers fashion and coloured glasses that come with soft, velvety finishes.

Below, more about the three different ranges that will be available here and priced between $49 to $69 apiece:

#1: Screen
The latest addition to See Concept – it was introduced last year – will likely be its most popular offering. The lenses on Screen frames are made of an innovative glass material that is able to protect the eye from over-exposure to computer screens by filtering out 40 per cent of the blue light emitted by these devices. Blue light reportedly causes headaches and sore eyes in the short term, and irreversible eye damage like cataracts in the long term. #1: Screen
The Screen range is available in three shapes and seven colours. #2: Reading
The Reading range was created by the brand three years ago, and aims to offer on-trend versions of the spare glasses you typically find in a drugstore. #2: Reading
The Reading range is available in five shapes and 11 colours. #3: Sun
The best thing about these sunnies, beside their eye-catching colours: They come with and without prescription lenses. #3: Sun
The Sun range is available in three shapes and 10 colours.   Like this? Check out the coolest eyewear brands in Asia, how to give your metal shades a quirky twist and where to get K-pop star Sandara Park’s sunglasses.