Kim Kardashian is in a Balenciaga phase right now – a new sartorial chapter that started circa August 2021 if we’re going by the Balenciaga trail she left on her Instagram. And her Saturday Night Live (SNL) gig last weekend was another platform for the reality TV star and mogul to continue flexing her obsession.


The velvet stretch top and matching Pantaleggings Kim Kardashian wore for her monologue on SNL is one of three never-seen-before designs from Balenciaga’s Summer 2022 collection.

Now some Internet sleuths and fashion watchers would have had a hard time trying to pinpoint the exact origins/seasons of two pink outfits that Kardashian wore for the outing.

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She appeared in a velvet top and Balenciaga signature Pantaleggings (read: hybrid of leggings and boots) for the opening monologue which saw her roasting members of the Kardashian clan. Later on, she left the studio dressed in a neon pink bodysuit that was paired with a feathered stole.


Kardashian left the SNL studio in this Summer 2022 look Pantabodysuit with a silk feather stole.

Alas, the brand has revealed that the two designs are indeed never-seen-before looks from the brand’s Summer 2022 collection that was unveiled in Paris Fashion Week recently.

And now it has just released the final look in this trifecta of exclusive Summer 2022 designs modelled by Kardashian: a mock-neck bodysuit made with lace and rendered in a similar shade of hot pink.


The final Summer 2022 look on Kim Kardashian was revealed by Balenciaga on October 13.

We have to admit that it was a brilliant move to use the media attention around Kardashian’s SNL appearance as an opportunity to develop the trope of models becoming “stars” on the red carpet. The question now is, will there be an Episode Three, Demna?