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You may not be an expert at making shoes, like this Singapore designer who recently scored an internship with Charlotte Olympia, but that does not mean you cannot talk about it like a pro. Consider Bally’s new online resource, Shoepedia, your ultimate #shoeporn site. Part Wikipedia, part For Dummies guide, part cheat sheet, the Swiss brand launched the site this month by tapping on its heritage of making leather shoes and accessories for over 160 years.

The site packs a section that details its know-how in the craft (did you know Bally shoemakers’ background as carpenters are key to its quality shoes?); another section that shares all the important life hacks to maintaining your kicks; and a glossary that teaches you things you’ve mostly not even heard of, like aglets and zero drops.

Our favourite feature? The live tweets from Bally users who share their tips on caring for their footwear. If you have one yourself, simply tag #ShoeTip and share it with @Bally_Swiss. In the meantime, we’ve scoured the site and found some important tips:

Baking powder helps remove odours

To remove bad smells in your shoes, just cut off the end of a sock and fill it up with baking powder. Tie it up and leave the sachet in your shoes overnight.

Dab some cold water

Before you start polishing your leather shoes, dampened a soft cloth with cold water and polishing wax. This creates a potent formula that will give more shine.

Keep your dust bags

Don’t junk the flannel dust bags that come with your shoe purchase. The material wicks dampness which can cause moulds. Flannel is great for removing tiny scratches on leather too.

It’s important to thoroughly dust

Brush off all the dust on your leather shoes before polishing. This prevents tiny dust particles from being trapped on your leather forever when you apply the shoe polish.


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