Done binging on Seaspiracy and My Octopus Teacher? Perhaps you may want to add Perpetual Planet: Heroes of the Oceans next to your must-watch list next.

Commissioned by luxury watch house Rolex, the almost hour-long show premiered on recently and highlights the importance of protecting the ocean life – almost a third of which has been destroyed due to climate change and human activity.

rolex perpetual
Credit:Stefan Walter/Rolex

Renowned marine biologist and oceanographer Sylvia Earle narrates the Rolex documentary. She is photographed here on Caldesi Island in the Florida Gulf Coast Hope Spot near Dunedin where she grew up.

It is narrated by legendary oceanographer and Rolex Testimonee, a.k.a brand ambassador, Sylvia Earle whom you might have also seen in a cameo in Seaspiracy.

Earle joins six leading marine scientists to shed light on the tireless work being done to protect the oceans’ fragile ecosystems. These efforts include planting resilient corals in the Great Barrier Reef and investigating the effect noise pollution have on whales and dolphins.

rolex perpetual
Credit:Franck Gazzola/Rolex

Rolex Awards 2006 laureate Brad Norman tagging a whale shark off the coast of Australia.

The documentary is the latest in Rolex’s ongoing Perpetual Planet initiative which was launched in 2019 to support explorers dedicated to preserving and protecting the environment.

Currently, Perpetual Planet is working closely with Sylvia Earle’s own Mission Blue project which works with communities and governments to at-risk marine life from human activities. The other organisation that the initiative works closely with is the National Geographic Society to collect climate data.