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Concealer 101: Everything You Need To Know About Using Concealers

You use it to cover up dark circles and that pesky zit, but how much do you know about concealers?

Concealers are staples in makeup pouches because they are the superheroes you need to do the heavy lifting when it comes to covering up occasional flaws such as pimple scars and dark circles. Some people swear by them, even forgoing foundation to get that no-makeup makeup look. Some people just hastily dab it on and have trouble blending them out, and end up looking like they have a weird patch on their skin.

Here are the most basic things you need to know about using concealers:

One concealer is all you need

The primary purpose of concealers is to conceal skin flaws such as dark circles, blemishes in the form of acne and freckles, and post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation from recovering pimples. IT Cosmetics’ vice-president for global education, Shannon Pirie, says that you should be able to use your concealer everywhere, on your face or body, and it should have high-enough coverage so you don’t need to layer it on. “Make sure it’s hydrating because if you’re using it on the under-eye area where the skin is more delicate, a hydrating concealer will help keep fine lines at bay,” she adds.

If you have other concerns such as puffy eyes or breakouts, Shannon recommends that it’s best to use a different targeted skincare product such as an eye cream to reduce puffiness, or a spot treatment to soothe and heal pimples.