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The Best Korean Lip Tints To Shop For Now

Lip tints have been (and always are) popular in Korea due to its long-lasting colour and light, comfortable application. Unlike traditional lipsticks that require slightly more maintenance, lip tints also allow you to create gradient lips based on the amount of coverage. Below, we pick the best lip tints to shop now.
Lilybyred Romantic Liar Mousse Tint, $157.90
This plush lip tint feels weightless on your puckers and dries down to a velvet matte finish. With six different shades that last for more than six hours, have your pick from “my lips but better” nude tones to chilli reds that pop.    Romand Juicy Lasting Tint, $19.90
This moisturising lip tint gives you a lasting tint throughout the day and gives your puckers lasting shine for healthy looking lips. Laniege Tattoo Lip Tint, $32
Just as its name states, this lip tint is long lasting and highly pigmented – made to last like a tattoo. From deep reds to bright corals, this lip tint comes in 10 different shades for all your lippie needs. The smooth satin finish infused with silicone oil also leaves your lips looking semi-matte without drying out the lips. Missha Wish Stone Tint, $12.90
This highly pigmented lip tint comes in three different finishes – a velvet finish, a lip oil and a glossy gel. Each lip tint comes with a formulation of different oils and extracts to give a shine and moisturise your puckers. The applicator tip also mimics the diamond gemstone-inspired shape of the lip case, making it easy for more precise application. Innsifree Sparkling Glitter Tint, $16
Part of Innisfree’s limited-edition holiday collection, this one’s a tint with glitter flecks that’ll have your lips looking like diamonds. Available in two vivid shades – Sparkling Red and Bubbly Pink. Bbia Last Velvet Lip Tint, $13.90, Guardian
To perfectly recreate the coveted Korean blotted lip look, this lip tint that dries down to a velvet finish is the perfect one. It’s said to having a blurring effect to blur out imperfections on the lips too. Dear Dahlia Paradise Moisture Veil Lip Glaze Lip Tint, $46, Sephora
If you didn’t already know, this highly-raved-about Korean cosmetics brand is now available at Sephora stores. Naturally, we’d have to pick up its lip tint because, really, can we say that we’ve really tried out a K-beauty brand‘s offerings if we gave its tint a miss? Unny Club Talk That Tint, $22.90, Sasa
There was glass skin and now, glass lips with this tint from Unny Club. Just like the coveted glass skin, this high gloss tint will have your pout looking so shiny that it seems like glass. Laneige Layering Lip Bar, $39
Remember the brand’s highly coveted Two Tone Lip Bar? This one’s the new, updated version of it that now boasts of six gradated tones in 20 colour combinations to effortlessly achieve the ‘just-bitten’, ombre gradient lip look. It’s available in two finishes – cream for a burst of hydrated, intense colour and Matte for a silky-smooth blur matte finish that firmly adheres to the lips. Mamonde Highlight Lip Tint Matte, $18
A little goes a long way with this highly pigmented lip tint that glides onto the lips in a light-weighted thin texture and dries to a seamless, matte finish. Laneige Serum Drop Tint, $36
Said to deliver glass-like shine, this tint is infused with a moisturising serum that has a mix of berry extracts like raspberry, strawberry, and goji berry, plus antioxidant-rich vitamin C. Its lip-conditioning formula helps smooth texture and boost hydration while sustaining the longevity of the colour. 3CE Take A Layer Tinted Water Lip Tint, $24, Sephora
This delicate tint is straightforward and stains the lips with buildable colour for all-day wear. The moisturising watery formula provides easy application without smudging. Hera Sensual Intense Velvet, $38
Available in a selection of nine shades, this one boasts of a whipped texture that smoothly fills in any wrinkles on the lips for a flawless look and finish. Innisfree Vivid Slimfit Tint, $15
This thin, waterdrop-shaped bullet is made for elaborate lining on the contours of the lip. It’s a layer-friendly slim formula that layers comfortably on the lips without clumping. Pony Effect Favorite Fluid Lip Tint, $22.32
From the brand of popular South Korean influencer, Pony, this liquid lip tint applies fluidly and seals your lips with a blanket of moisture, thanks to its hydrating ingredients like hyaluronic acid. Moonshot Cream Paint, $27, Sephora
A multi-functional cream paint with a soft, creamy texture, this settles to a powdery finish that can be worn as a sheer wash of colour or all over the lips. Mamonde Creamy Tint Squeeze Lip, $18
This fun-to-use lip tint comes in a squeezable tube and features 10 different shades in a spectrum of bright reds, corals, pinks and oranges. Its moisture-rich formula is enriched with 28 per cent of the brand’s Rose Water (which can be found in its popular Rose Water Toner) to hydrate and plump up puckers for a non-drying effect all day.   Backstage Photo