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As far as it goes, a Scandinavian skincare routine and that of Korean skincare are on far-flung opposite ends of the spectrum when it comes to its sensibilities in skincare. While Scandinavian skincare leans towards the “less is more” mindset, Korean beauty brands thrive on being extra with their OTT and extensive skincare routines. By now, you would probably be no stranger to the canonical 10-step Korean skincare routine that consists of double cleansing, toning, applying an essence, an emulsion – and you know the drill.

Lagom sits at the crossroads where the philosophies of these two beauty ethe meet. It’s a K-beauty brand that adopted the principals and beliefs of the Scandinavians but still retained its Asian skin type-friendly formula.

The brand’s name, Lagom, hails from the Swedish language and loosely translates to “moderation” – a characteristic that’s also echoed in its tagline of “not too little, not too much”. The general belief of this approach to skincare is to give your skin a breather by cutting down on the fancy-schmancy products that you’re used to feeding (or overloading) your skin with. Instead, it celebrates utilising products with natural ingredients that are still as efficient.

The Nordic-derived ingredients used in these products are incredibly potent and active due to the harsh climate they come from. The plants, roots and algae that grow there have learned to adapt to a general lack of sunlight. They absorb high amounts of nutrients from the little amount of sunlight that they’re exposed to, which allows for antioxidant-packed ingredients. So, you can be sure that even a small amount of these ingredients are supercharging your skin with goodness.

But the star of the show has got to be its hero ingredient – DermaFlux. We’re no stranger to ingredients like hyaluronic acid, glycerin and ceramides that bring moisture to skin cells. However, the moisture that these ingredients provide is often short-lived and easily lost through day to day stressors.

On the other hand, DermaFlux supplies moisture into the cells. This means that the moisture is yours to keep and nothing can strip it away. DermaFlux also intelligently channels moisture to the areas where it is needed most. By tapping in on aquaporins – the key water-channeling proteins in our cell membranes – DermaFlux helps to draw moisture from the body and into the skin cells.

Below, the products to get you started on living your best lagom life.

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