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To commemorate its first anniversary, “F Is For…” invited six street artists from around the world to collaborate on a graffiti piece on the Fendi HQ rooftop in Rome.

Forget Hierarchy

“When I first conceived the idea for (our year-old millennial-driven online platform ‘F Is For…’), I thought that the best way of communicating with millennials is to start with values that they hold dear, and are from their point of view. Since then, I’ve decided to break down the levels between me and my team of millennials (they make up the staff behind the project) and avoid top-down models (of working)… I (see ‘F Is For…’) as an open invite to everyone: a project that mixes offline experiences (for example, a section on their favourite places) to create unique bonds with users. Meanwhile, (being online) helps everyone to stay connected and share experiences all over the world.”

new merchandise
The millennials who have been engaged for the project range from British actor Jamie Campbell Bower (above) to Belgian model Kirin Dejonckheere (below).

new merchandise

Focus On Their Individuality

“Being a millennial is not just about age, but also about how you react to what’s contemporary, and who you choose to trust and follow. Our editorials feature looks that are mixed and matched between our newest collections, vintage Fendi looks and personal pieces, because the generation (tends to) have a very confident style, and I love their individuality and freedom in displaying that.”


new merchandise
The brand debuts merchandise for “F Is For…” this month: a unisex tee with its latest graffiti work (left), exclusive on its site.

Let Them Experiment

“With ‘F Is For…’, I had in mind a platform that would allow young talents to express their creativity on the rooftop of Fendi’s HQ building (in Rome). I see the place as a white canvas where artists can share their talents as (Russian calligraphy artist) Pokras Lampas did with his unique Calligraffiti artwork last June. The latest piece ‘The Ring of The Future’ (a painted loop with the word ‘Future’ in different languages) was a natural evolution: six street artists, each with very distinct creative styles and backgrounds coming together to create (a joint work). I really like to experiment with ‘F Is For Fendi…’ by showcasing new artists.” (Others who have showed off their talents include rising American hip-hop duo Nxworries, R&B singer Cailin Russo, NBA basketball star Jordan Clarkson, and free running couple Katie McDonnell and Erik Mukhametshin.)

Street Art Resonates With Them

“I think that graffiti art is the art form most relatable to freedom of expression. It has existed since ancient times and is still evolving, and it allows talents to express their art and messages directly to the audience. Pokras Lampas’ piece (the first art work in the project) was the biggest in Italy, and the perfect example of art that’s fearless and combines freedom of expression, culture and optimism into one – values I think millennials strongly believe in.”

Always Keep Things Real

“I think millennials value authenticity. We constantly create a link to our community through authentic content and shareable experiences, such as inside Fulgore, one of the five categories on ‘F Is For…’. This section is dedicated to our vision of what constitutes contemporary fashion, with models always shot on iPhones by young photographers to capture spontaneous moments. Faces, another section, is dedicated to stories of real people, while Fearless centres on art, culture and music from all over the world. We basically put everything in and mix it up – that’s the fun part.”

This story first appeared in Female’s February 2018 issue.

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