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A Masterclass In Necklines: The Most Flattering Ones For Your Body Type

Besides dressing for your body type, or finding a pair of shades that fit your face shape, there are various types of necklines that they suit different kinds of body shapes. Necklines play a pivotal role in your overall appearance; they draw attention to your face and create balanced proportions — ergo, they make or break a look.

From the round neck to cowl neck, we bring you through 12 different kinds of necklines and how to choose the ones that will flatter you best.

#1: Round/Crew

The most common neckline in the market, and usually found on items such as T-shirts and casual tops, this classic design is great for those who are less busty with wider shoulders. Pieces with a round neck have the tendency to frame and highlight the face as well.

#2: One-shoulder/Asymmetric

As the name suggests, this neckline bares one of your shoulders, sometimes cutting below your shoulder or collarbone. This is best for those who want to showcase the bust area, or for people who have narrow shoulders — the cut gives one’s shoulders a broader look.

#3: V-Neck

Another obvious one, V-necklines are shaped like the letter V and go down towards the chest area, accentuating the cleavage. There are two versions: a subtle one that ends mid-breast, and a plunging alternative that extends below the boobs.

They are generally flattering for people with wider shoulders and torsos, because they help balance them out visually. They also help to lengthen shorter necks as they direct the eyes towards the centre of the body.

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