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The Beauty Mistakes To Leave In 2019

We are a few weeks into the new year and if you have already reverted back to your old beauty habits, it is definitely time to change that. Here, we speak to beauty industry insiders on all the skincare and makeup mistakes to leave in 2019.
Nicolas Travis, Founder of Allies of Skin
“The first is that they’re not washing and cleansing their face properly and that starts with not removing their makeup correctly. A makeup wipe is terrible. You shouldn’t be wiping your face because you’re tugging at it because there’s friction and it’s not clean. I would say start by using a balm or an oil cleanser to break it down and don’t ever use a wipe. Plus, many people want their face to be squeaky clean. Your face should never be squeaky clean because you’re stripping away the natural oils and you’re destroying your skin’s barrier.” Product to use: Molecular Silk Amino Hydrating Cleanser, US$38 (S$51) Youjin Choi, Brand Manager (Hera)
“Some people who are not used to or are still very new to skincare might usually use multiple creams at the same time before applying makeup. This is actually a huge mistake as it could create clumps on your makeup.” Product to use: Rosy-Satin Cream, Hera Xenia Wong, Founder of Sigi Skin
“One common mistake is only applying sunscreen when going out for activities under the sun, and not wearing it when it is not sunny or raining.  UVA is ever-present rain or shine. It is responsible for ageing our skin.” Product to use: Morning Glow Physical Sunscreen, $58  Yuta-Sato, Official Global Makeup Artist (Three)
“Many women in Asia also have a misconception of line and gradient. The more gradient (the use of softer strokes and colours) you have in your makeup look, the cuter, more youthful your makeup will look. The more lines (example: using a liquid liner to achieve a cat eye wing liner look) you have, the more elegant and sophisticated you look. So depending on what look you are after, it’s important to understand the different concepts of gradient versus line. Many women want to achieve a softer, more natural look but tend to draw lines and vice versa.” Product to use: Crystal Vision Intensive Eyeliner, $39 Lily Kew, Founder of Kew Organics
“May women tend to use the wrong cleanser. You are using the wrong cleanser if your skin feels squeaky-clean after a wash because your skin’s natural layer of moisture is being stripped away. Use foam or gel cleansers for really oily skin, and milk cleansers are great for dry and dehydrated skin. Also, many people tend to forget their necks. Our necks are exposed to the same ageing effects as our faces—in fact, it ages faster because the skin around the neck is much thinner than the face. Hence, apply to the neck the same stuff you put on your face; with light upward effleurages.” Product to use: Apple Stem Cell Vitaglow Creme, $112 Maureen Kelly, Founder of Tarte
“I think the biggest makeup mistake you can make is to let yourself be held back by “beauty boundaries”; whether that’s dark circles, pigmentation, or acne spots. We believe in breaking down these beauty boundaries [because] people look their best when the feel their best. Confidence always shines through, whether it’s in full glam or zero makeup — and you should wear it proudly.” Product to use: Tarteist Pro Remix Amazonian Clay Palette, $76 Dr. Low Chai Ling, Founder of SW1 Clinic
“When you’re young, you don’t really put sunscreen on your scalp because your hair is like a hat. But once you start losing hair, it becomes sparser thus, being exposed to UV light, which damages the scalp. We have two products – Guardian Angel and Body Guard. The latter is actually a hair and body wash. After using it, the sunscreen ingredient will bind ionically to your scalp and give you an SPF 30 that is waterproof. It is lightweight, invincible in colour and protects the skin. So that’s one thing I realise – a lot of people want to treat their hair but tend to forget how to actually prevent it.” Product to use: Bodyguard Body & Hair Wash, US$66 (S$89) Shinji Yamasaki, CEO of Re:Erth
“I would say that it is the overuse of exfoliators and peels. The frequent exfoliation and peeling of skin has several negative effects. Our skin is made up of many layers of cells. The older ones get pushed out, as newer ones are created. However, that doesn’t mean that they are not useful. In fact, the outermost layer of cells form an additional barrier and protection for the skin. By stripping those away, you are leaving your skin to increased vulnerability to external aggressors such as UV light, pollutants, and bacteria. In addition, without this outermost layer, your skin is more susceptible to irritation and infection.  Exfoliation and peeling are also never even: you will always be exfoliating/peeling more in certain areas than others. This opens up to not only the above issues but also uneven skin tone, due to inconsistent and varied skin exposure, which results in varying levels of melanin production. Also, the more you exfoliate/peel, the more your skin will want to save itself and create cells in a non-uniform manner, and in the long run, make your skin worse off than you started.  If you use an effective, non-aggressive, cleanser (like our Clarifying Cleanser), there should be no need to exfoliate or peel at all. Letting the skin act in a healthy, productive manner, the way it’s supposed to be the best way to have good skin.” Product to use: Clarifying Cleanser, $70