Yes, you saw it here first: Gucci Beauty is finally making its way to our shores. After we’ve all sat on in envy while our American counterparts were flaunting their new Gucci purchases all over the ‘gram, we can finally have our part to play in all of Gucci Beauty’s fanfare.

The luxury fashion house’s beauty line sees of Gucci Beauty as a manifesto of beauty written by its creative director. Alessandro Michele’s reimagined vision for it kicks off with a 58-piece lipstick line in three different formulations that pays homage to the ’80s while challenging the passe notion that beauty should mean perfection and that lipstick should only be worn by females.

“For me whoever wants to wear lipstick can do so. It’s time to free men from the idea that makeup is an interpretation and an idea of femininity. Makeup is a total expression of freedom because putting on lipstick means you are getting closer to the amplified idea that you want to give of yourself,” Michele said. And to that, we say: word.

gucci beautyAt the centre of the campaign are the feminine ideals that have embodied lipstick as an iconic makeup tool. The beauty world has historically informed that lipstick should be applied perfectly, in the campaign this stereotype is being challenged and instead, the message is that authentic beauty lies in imperfection. Cue the imperfect teeth and messily applied lipstick in the campaign images that starred Dani Miller, the lead singer of punk band Surfbort, alongside models like Mae Lapres (who was our July cover girl).

Michele was also inspired by the made-up lips of Hollywood’s stars from the Golden Age. He said “Lipstick is the most beautiful object you can find inside a handbag. It is the most fascinating because it has always had a beautiful scent — we made Gucci lipsticks perfumed with violet. Lipstick is a playful object because it recalls crayons that children colour with. Lipstick also symbolises of the world of cinema, and all of the famous lips from Hollywood.” Befittingly, the names of the shades are inspired by iconic Hollywood movies and characters from the gilded era, played by the likes of Jean Harlow and other famous actresses.

Below, Gucci Beauty’s lipsticks in all their glory.

The best lips are the ones that are moisturised, not chapped. Available in three shades and one transparent formula, Gucci Beauty’s Baume a Levres glides effortlessly on the lips to hydrate and moisturise your lips comfortably, leaving you with a smooth pout. The lip balms are housed a sweet-looking turquoise coloured tubes, that are made of a hybrid shade of blue and green chosen specifically by Michele because it represents attention to colour, before pink was assigned as symbolic of the feminine world post-war.

The Rouge a Levres Satin’s packaging sees of a golden tube etched with a decorative style that borrows its inspiration from the era of Art Deco. Of course, it’s drawn by none other than the brand’s creative director himself. You can expect this lipstick that’s of a long-lasting satin finish to be creamy with an intense colour payoff. It’s said to leave the lips smooth, soft and strikingly coloured. The 36 shades span from wearable everyday nudes to vivid reds to hot pinks – plus a side orange, purple and black too.

Imparting a colour on the lips like a memory, the sheer formula gives a luminous finish in a pop colour palette of 18 shades that deliver a feeling of moisture and comfort in a lightweight texture. Rouge à Lèvres Voile makes a feminine statement in a pink rosebud print on ivory with a gold base as if they came from a 1940s dressing table. The roses are reminiscent of the wallpaper of an old motel, of a beauty parlour in Los Angeles in the 1950s or the lipstick you would find in a vintage market.’

The Gucci Beauty lipsticks will be available at $53 each at Takashimaya Department Store Beauty Hall from 12 September 2019.