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Sheet Masks For Your Brazilian Area Are Now A Thing, Promising Plumper, Softer Skin Down Below

Nope, we're not kidding and here, the what, why and how of it.

Besides just pampering ourselves with the latest skincare offerings for our face, it’s always important to ensure other areas are given the TLC it deserves as well. And no, it’s not just your neck and arms —  we are talking about everything south of the border. Yes, your Brazilian area. While the topic may not be commonly discussed (and sometimes even ignored completely), founder of Spa Esprit Group Cynthia Chua aims to break all social and cultural taboos involving the delicates.


“My goal is for women to be completely body confident. Our vulvas and vaginas shouldn’t be regarded as pubic nuisance. Instead, we need to reclaim this intimate part of the female body as an asset that needs to be cared for and nourished with the same love and attention we give to the rest of our body,” shares Chua. With her goal in mind, she recently launched Two L(i)ps, a brand dedicated to creating luxury skincare for your vulva.

From regular hair removal, over-zealous washing and hormonal fluctuations, this delicate and sensitive area can get quite irritated and dry if not treated properly. Thus, the brand’s first ever and recently launched product known as the Blackout Mask, is possibly the world’s first activated charcoal mask for your lady bits.

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