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Sigi Skin: Meet The New Local Beauty Brand That Believes Less Is More, & Skincare Over Makeup

We are always on the lookout for new local beauty brands, and one that made us sit up and pay attention recently is Sigi Skin. Believing in the idea that skincare routines should be simple yet effective, each of the three skincare products that are currently available from them is power-packed with superfood ingredients — safe to use even for those with more sensitive complexions. Here, we find out from Sigi Skin’s young founder, 23-year-old Xenia Wong, her impetus for starting the brand and, what her personal skincare regime is like.

While Sigi Skin focuses on superfood ingredients, it’s much more than that

Xenia Wong (XW): “Skincare has always been a passion of mine and we don’t just use superfoods. We pair them up with scientifically backed ingredients. For example, our sunscreen actually has four per cent niacinamide to strengthen the skin barrier, treat hyperpigmentation and boost radiance.”

Skincare over makeup

XW: “Two years ago, I went over to Korea for six months and enrolled myself in the Celebrity Makeup Academy. I love how flawless their complexions are and so I went there to learn how they achieve it. At my very first lesson, my teacher taught me about skincare and from there, I realise they placed more emphasis on skincare than makeup. So the whole idea is to use more skincare and lesser makeup to achieve a flawless complexion. I really hope that through my brand I can educate Singaporeans on the importance of skincare in helping you achieve your dream skin.”

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