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These Two Labels Are Shaking Up Eyewear

It's all about having the foresight


With a carefully curated Instagram page filled with bright millennial pinks and gorgeous flat-lays; plus cool packaging that’d appeal to a new generation of consumers, Two Of A Kind (TWOOAK) is one label that does things differently. The brainchild of childhood friends Javad Namazie and Darryn Tan, TWOOAK is Singapore’s first direct-to-consumer contact lens brand that also offers a unique subscription service.

The idea to start TWOOAK came to the duo after they realised they were paying much more than they should for their supply of contact lenses—this was despite the fact that technological advancements have allowed for the lenses to be manufactured at a cheaper price. Buoyed by this discovery, Namazie and Tan then spent two years researching contact lenses, test-driving different products and speaking with experts from the field. Basis, a type of lens manufactured in Taiwan that fulfils all the stringent criteria put in place by the Singapore Health Sciences Authority, is the fruit of their labour.


As a result of their efforts, TWOOAK has managed to bypass the traditional retail model altogether, allowing the label to pass along the savings to its customers. A brand of the digital age through and through, TWOOAK sells its lenses via its online store and offers a delivery service that sends the products right to your doorstep. However, new customers are required to book an appointment with TWOOAK’s in-house optometrist for an eye examination before they are allowed to sign up for their service.