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The Wait Is Over, These Korean Beauty Products Are Now In Singapore

When it comes to the Korean beauty products, it seems like Singapore is always a few steps behind with the latest launches. Good news: the wait is finally over for these K-beauty launches that have reached our shores recently.
Laneige Cica Sleeping Mask, $45
Think Laneige and you’ll think of its Sleeping Care range that’s a major cult favourite. And now, joining the lineup of sleeping masks which sees of the original version and a lavendar version, is the new cica iteration. The latest version of the overnight moisture-recharging gel maks is boosted by the powerful, restorative effect of Amorepacific’s patented cica ingredient called Forest Yeast. It’s said to accelerate skin barrier recovery by 119.9 per cent more than madecassoside – an ingredient that’s commonly found in other products that are meant to calm irritated skin. Yungo Moisture Care, $26, Guardian
Previously only available for purchase at iShopChangi, the Korean haircare brand is now available at Guardian. Known for its formulations that are created with concentrated Korean herbal medicines extracted through the ancient method of steaming, Yungo uses beneficial herbal ingredients in its products – like bird’s nest and Korean ginseng to target different hair concerns from hair fall to dandruff. These new treatment products are meant to be an all-in-one hair care product that shampoos and conditions. Not only good for your scalp, these ingredients also penetrate deep in your hair follicles to deliver nutrients and boost moisture, so you can cleanse thoroughly without over-drying your tresses. Dear, Klairs Supple Preparation Facial Toner, $26.90, Guardian
The vegan and cruelty-free K-beauty brand is all about going back to the basics with simple, yet effective products that do not overwhelm the skin. It’s particularly suitable for sensitive skin as their products not only improve the skin’s elasticity but also quickly soothes irritated skin for healthier and stronger skin. Their newest offering is this moisturising toner that’s said to rapidly absorb into the skin while prolonging hydration by 20 per cent more than conventional toners. Venn All-In-One Concentrate, US$187.56 (S$258.30), Net-a-Porter
Built on more than 20 years of skincare research and innovation, Venn aims to streamline skincare routines by replacing unnecessary steps and complications with modern scientifically sound products that deliver multiple benefits with minimal effort. CEO Brian Oh says that the 10-step K-beauty regime is something of a myth and that this can replace your toner, serum, moisturiser and face oil. Designed to hydrate, smooth and tighten, this rich formula contains a potent blend of amino acids and vitamin B. Bbia Last Velvet Lip Tint, $13.90, Guardian
The trendy cosmetics brand is popular amongst K-beauty lovers for its bold, colour cosmetics. Its star product has got to be its Last Velvet Lip Tint. It’s so well-received that it has got up to five different series with a total of 25 different shades. Featuring an ultra-pigmented velvet mousse texture, the formula is said to be heavily pigmented yet smooth in texture. Femmue Ideal Intense Serum, US$100.12 (S$137), Net-a-Porter
Launched in 2017 by Korean beauty retailer Peach & Lily, the luxury skincare brand embodies the latest innovations in modern botanical cosmetics. Inspired by the energy of flowers, the label has developed its ingredients into what it calls “flower therapy” for the skin – harnessing their antioxidant and healing properties, colours, scent and texture. The natural benefits of flowers, such as roses, camellia, jasmine and lavender are carefully extracted in their most potent forms to fully renew and transform your skin, while invoking a luxurious spa-like sensation. This lightweight, elasticity-boosting serum is like youth and moisture in a bottle – thanks to redsnow, an active ingredient rich in catechin and vitamin C to prevent dryness, wrinkles and ageing. Rom&nd Zero Matte Lipstick, $22.90, Guardian
Created in collaboration with Korean makeup artist and YouTuber Saerom Min, better known as Gaeko, Singapore is only the second country that Rom&nd is exclusively available in – apart from Korea,  of course. Our pick? Its Zero Matte lipstick that comes in a myriad of trendy colours and a comfortable matte casing. Green Tea & Enzyme Powder Wash, $25.90, Guardian
A popular beauty commerce that curates and retails other K-beauty brands, Wishtrend now owns its own in-house brand. This face wash is not just a normal one. It comes in a powder form that requires it to be activated with water before use. A refreshing cleanser that’s said to purify the skin of impurities, while natural ingredients soothe the skin, prevent blackheads from forming and keep the skin hydrated.